"Stay away from color revolution terminology" - warns System of a Down lead singer.

April 22, 2018


Armenian singer Serzh Tankian has shared his thoughts on the recent events taking place throughout Armenia.


"We are taken aback by your peacefulness, eloquence, and inclusiveness".

For those of you who don't know, the protests have erupted in response to President Serzh Sargsyan's recent decision to transform Armenia from a presidential republic into a parliamentary one. This conveniently coincided with his assumption of the Prime Ministerial position on April 17. Talk about luck! Now it seems this Putinesque move has not gone unnoticed by the diaspora Armenians either. 

His passionate letter to Armenian youth Serzh Tankian contains a warning.

In a reference to the western applauded "Rose Revolution" in neighboring Georgia which began the era of the anti-Russian firebrand Saakashvili and the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine, Tankain said:

"Stay away from color revolution terminology as that is generally associated with East-West struggles. 

Our struggle is not with or for East nor West, but for justice and progressive change. We don't want to be any empire's client state, and need good relations with all."

Such hopes for Armenia may be slim, as she has historically always been used as a buffer zone for the great empires for over two thousand years. But nothing is certain.

The world may learn something in these next few months.





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